Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't send me plastic

This was edited from a previous post.
i wanted to separate it because i felt bad associating someones casual mistake with some others hard work. i am not mad, upset or anything, but certain practices make the process of reviewing much more difficult, so i thought i should address one of these 'kind-of' things.

There was a product i had already mentioned i was going to write it up before i saw the sample (my bad..) and it was sent in plastic, so what could i do?

i gave it my best and i learned a few thing: 1. Don't commit without all the information / tools whatever. . 2. Let everyone know what you need:

If you put alcohol in a plastic container it will taste of plastic. If it is not full the effect is extremely exaggerated.

If you don't want to send me a whole bottle... fine don't.

If you can't send me a whole bottle --100 ml in a full glass container is OK by me. i just need enough to taste, but it must be fresh, untainted by container and full so whatever effects that oxidation may have, haven't been had.

My pal Camper English compiled a nice list of Do's and Dont's. i would just add No plastic and full glass.