Friday, May 27, 2011

Nikka Taketsura 17 Year Old

i have only had a few opportunities to try this highly regarded Whisky from Japan and always in a 'less than perfect' setting. That being said i have always been highly impressed with each tasting of Nikka (and frankly, every Japanese Whisky i have tried.). So when Master of Malt sent this from their 'Drinks by the Dram' program i have been psyched to try it.
Nikka Taketsuru 17 Year Old
A little back story: The Nikka distillery was opened in 1934 under the scrutinizing eye of the whisky-pilgrim Masataka Taketsuru. This 17 year old jewel is named for Nikka's founder, Taketsuru, who is commonly regarded as the father of Japanese Whisky, as a tribute. This is a vatting of single malts, at least 17 Years old, aged in sherry casks.
 Nikka Taketsuru 17
 Tasting Notes:


Aromas of chocolate lead to dried fruit (currant, yellow plum, cherries, persimmon and fig), peach skin, old leather, tobacco, dry toffee and delicate smoke with woody caramel in the background.

The flavors are saporous, bounteous and giving. Beginning with a gallery of dried fruit that ranges from strawberries and green cherries to guava and pineapple. It then moves to the dry roasted nuts the intricately modulate into cocoa, cinnamon, fennel, treacle and toasty oak.
Very round and very balanced for such a vast display of flavor--impressive.

Lingering with subtle and mild restatements of the aromas and flavors focusing on oak, praline with hints of straw, flowers, cocoa and vanilla. The after taste reminds me of sumptuous chocolate taffy with delicate baking spices.
This is deliciously complex whisky.

Apart from this gorgeous Whisky i was completely impressed by this idea that Master of Malt have come up with in their 'Drinks by the Dram' program is awesome and they have an amazing selection of things to try check it out.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't send me plastic

This was edited from a previous post.
i wanted to separate it because i felt bad associating someones casual mistake with some others hard work. i am not mad, upset or anything, but certain practices make the process of reviewing much more difficult, so i thought i should address one of these 'kind-of' things.

There was a product i had already mentioned i was going to write it up before i saw the sample (my bad..) and it was sent in plastic, so what could i do?

i gave it my best and i learned a few thing: 1. Don't commit without all the information / tools whatever. . 2. Let everyone know what you need:

If you put alcohol in a plastic container it will taste of plastic. If it is not full the effect is extremely exaggerated.

If you don't want to send me a whole bottle... fine don't.

If you can't send me a whole bottle --100 ml in a full glass container is OK by me. i just need enough to taste, but it must be fresh, untainted by container and full so whatever effects that oxidation may have, haven't been had.

My pal Camper English compiled a nice list of Do's and Dont's. i would just add No plastic and full glass.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ron de Jeremy Rum

Well someone sent me a sample of this rum and i was honestly interested in trying it. Mainly because i am a fan of Cuban born (and trained), Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez and his history blending fantastic rums.

 Here is a cool video of Don Pancho, the legend, talking about making this rum for Ron Jeremy. (Scroll to the bottom)

Ron de Jeremy Rum is a 7 year old rum blended from Panamanian rum. The package is classy and fun representing the sense of humor that went into developing this product without getting cheesy, or going raunchy. It seems as if they were willing to make a joke to get you to try it and that once you tried the product they wanted it to stand on its own and it does.

My buddy Rumdood did a real nice review here.

Here are my thoughts. . .

Nose: Allspice, honey, ginseng, caramel, cola berry, oily nuts, bran and cinnamon.

Palate: Begins with a clean follow through of the flavors implied by the nosing but fall into oak tannins and notes of over-extracted tea towards the back palate.

Finish: Strong tannins, toasty oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and 'warmth'.
Overall: i like it. Not a mind blowing, super intricate rum, but (for less than $30) it is certainly an enjoyable drink. This rum shines brightest on ice, in an Old Fashioned, an El Presidente or a multitude of tasty rum cocktails.

Here is a picture me in Miami at Rum Renaissance (where i was one of the fortunate Judges for the RUM XP,) spending time with the who's who of rum and generally having an amazing time. The picture shows me hanging out with Don Pancho on my right, i am in the middle and Carlos E. Esquivel G [Executive Director at PILSA (the people who make RdJ) and one hell of nice guy] is on the left...

**i edited this post.

Well here is a post . . .

Hello, would you care for a beverage?

It seems somehow i am getting more followers and more traffic on this site since i haven't been posting regularly.

Is this a clue?

Are you guys telling me i shouldn't post as much as i was (2 or 3 times a week) or are you telling me to get back up to that number again?

Either way thanks for dropping by and let me know if there is anything i can do to answer any questions you may have or if you have any ideas for me.