Sunday, April 3, 2011

OG XO Brandy

Original Gangster XO is a 10-year-old French Brandy from the Languedoc region of France. Bottled in a 'flashy/ornate' decanter emblazoned with the moniker 'Original Gangster' in hot stamped gold. Apparently 'Ice T' is a partner in the company, and though it did little to motivate me to try this brandy, i am certain it will be a strong motivator to other lucky people; which is good, because aside from the name and garish package, this is delectable brandy that sells at a very reasonable price (less than $30).
The aromas lead with fruit: peaches, sultana, yellow pear and apricot against creamy vanilla, caramel and toasted nuts; not incredibly complex but invitingly friendly. The flavors are delivered in a viscous, sweet mouth-feel that shows ripe plum, mulberry and vanilla again. The finish is supple, soft and clean with a nice restatement of the aromas and flavors. This is good brandy. It would do quite well by itself, in a snifter or as a component in a cocktail.
i'll just call it 'OG' XO, i like the ring of it over its full name, but really how could you go wrong...great price, great brandy...Win, win...