Sunday, April 3, 2011

OG XO Brandy

Original Gangster XO is a 10-year-old French Brandy from the Languedoc region of France. Bottled in a 'flashy/ornate' decanter emblazoned with the moniker 'Original Gangster' in hot stamped gold. Apparently 'Ice T' is a partner in the company, and though it did little to motivate me to try this brandy, i am certain it will be a strong motivator to other lucky people; which is good, because aside from the name and garish package, this is delectable brandy that sells at a very reasonable price (less than $30).
The aromas lead with fruit: peaches, sultana, yellow pear and apricot against creamy vanilla, caramel and toasted nuts; not incredibly complex but invitingly friendly. The flavors are delivered in a viscous, sweet mouth-feel that shows ripe plum, mulberry and vanilla again. The finish is supple, soft and clean with a nice restatement of the aromas and flavors. This is good brandy. It would do quite well by itself, in a snifter or as a component in a cocktail.
i'll just call it 'OG' XO, i like the ring of it over its full name, but really how could you go wrong...great price, great brandy...Win, win...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Miami Rum Renaissance

The Miami Rum Renaissance begins this year with the Zombie Jamboree at the Mai Kai in Ft Lauderdale on the inconspicuous date of Monday, April 25 at the 'respectable' time slot of 5PM to 7pm. Inauspicious as it may seem, do not be fooled, i assure you there will be 'festivities! There will be merriment. There will be RUM!

What better a way to start a "Rum Renaissance Festival' than with an homage to the Zombie Cocktail, led by the preeminent expert in said field, world renowned aficionado of said styling and generally recognized all around good guy Jeff "Beachbum" Berry at the Polynesian 'Tiki' Playground known as the Mai Kai in Ft Lauderdale. . . heck why not follow the Jamboree with the Mai Kai's celebrated Fire Dance Dinner show.

You must RSVP to attend the Zombie Jamboree and the Fire Dance Dinner show. Call the Mai Kai to RSVP.


Here is a list of whet you appetite. . .

Come one come all and i'll see you there!