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Zaya 12 Year Old

Zaya is distilled, blended and aged for at least 12 years in Trinidad. The first aromas are brown sugar, caramel and vanilla. The nose, when examined, also reveals banana chips, cocoa dust and dates. The copious, billowy mouth feel is luxurious and creamy. The sapidities demonstrate the scents and evolve back note flavors of persimmon, marasca cherry, apple skin while the vanilla, caramel and cocoa qualities persist and dominate. The finish dawdles demonstrating a balanced review of the aromas and tastes in a pleasant and gratifying manner. Try this rum neat, on ice or in a Spirit forward beverage.

Rhum J.M. Vieux Agricole 1997

The sugar cane is cultivated in a micro climate that is unique and deeply influences the quality of this spirit. Also, painstaking attention is paid to every detail of the production of Rhum JM,. From the growing, harvesting, pressing of the cane, to the distillation, aging and even bottling of the spirit –everything is done at the distillery/estate to maintain control over each step. Rhum J.M. Vieux was distilled directly from this estate grown, hand-cut, fresh pressed sugar cane juice in 1997 then aged for 10 years in ex-Bourbon barrels. The aromas begin with panforte, toffee and vanilla building to baked bananas and raisins dusted with ground coco nibs. The scents are all very enticing. The flavors follow suit and do not disappoint; they evolve to include roasted nuts, cassia, thyme, fennel, ginger, dried mango, passion fruit and nutmeg. It finishes with a dawdling, contemplative fade delicately restating the aromas and tastes. This is gorgeous Rhum! Try it neat with friends.

Yet again i stole this image from my pals at the Rum Examiners... Sometimes i just cant be bothered to get out my camera... Sorry Rob's...
Here is what they say here . . .

Plantation Grand Reserve Barbado 5 Year

Bottled by Cognac Ferrand, Plantation Grand Reserve Barbados Rum is a precious gem available at a price that will tempt any true rum lover. The aromas reveal sauteed plantains, vanilla, molasses, oak nuance, caramelized honey and clean, fresh ground spices. On the palate, more tropical fruits are revealed— stewed papaya, coconut, grilled pineapple, toasted oily nuts, plump raisins and brown sugar. The mouth feel is rich, full and giving. The finish lingers and is clean—showing hints of caramel and delicate dried fruit. This is unbelievably good rum at an exceptional value. Try it in a snifter, with ice or in a cocktail—anything goes.

THis picture was also stolen from the Rum Examiners, see what they said here . . .

Dos Maderas 5+5 PX

This wonderful elixir begins as rums aged for 5 years in, and from, Barbados and Guyana. The rums then move to Jerez, Spain for a ‘secondary’ aging in Sherry barrels; first for 3 years in "Dos Cortados" Palo Cortado sherry then followed by 2 more years in "Don Guido" Pedro Ximénez sherry (PX). The final results are beguiling. Intricate aromas filled with molasses, baking spice, caramel, roasted nuts, tea, sherry and Jamaican Bread Pudding. The flavors show ebullient caramelized honey, raisins and mission figs evolving to a fervor that display recherché nuances of cocoa, tea and vanilla. The finish lingers sumptuously rewarding you with an aftertaste of Custard Bread Pudding and an invitation for more. Try this neat and allow time to enjoy it.

i stole this picture from my buddies at the RUm Examiner see what they said here...

Eva’s Caribbean Kitchen Rum & Cheese Dinner (Part 1)

Well being the man about town that i am let me tell you about an event i went to a few weeks ago.

Eva’s Caribbean Kitchen Rum and Cheese Dinner
 Eva's has a series of Rum themed events called "RUM Me into Submission"where we look at aspects of Rum (Rhum) under a magifying glass to see the fun loving versatility of Rum/Rhum.
Previos Rum Me into Submissions have feature Rhum Agricoles, Rum and CHocolate, El Dorado Rum from Guyana, Rhum and Cigars... You get the idea, all this paired with Eva's amazing cuisine in an amazing atmosphere, with great people (all having fun) and of course GREAT RUMS!
This "RUM Me into Submission"showed off the simple versatility of Rum and Cheese. So Eva brought in the Nationally known expert on the subject--Barrie Lynn - The Cheese Impresario and Matt "Rumdood" Robold and i talked about the Rums..

Barrie Lynn-The Cheese Impressario
  i am sure you guy's know  'Rumdood' and i pretty well by now, but to best introduce Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario i am going to send you to her site and to her show 'Cheese Rules' on Small Screen Network. Here is her notes about the fantastic Artisanal Wisconsin cheese she discovered, brought, shared and discuss with us.

Eva’s Caribbean Kitchen
Rum and Cheese Dinner

World Restaurant Premier
Meister Cheese Company – Muscoda, Wisconsin
Meister Piña Colada Jack – CowI was visiting Wisconsin to conduct my Artisanal Cheese & Sake Pairing Adventure Class at the Wisconsin Original Cheese Festival and toured the Meister Cheesemaking facility.  Third generation cheesemaker, Vicki Meister, is a flavor expert and very passionate about bringing their award-winning cheese together with a range of flavors.   I noticed she focused on savory flavors and asked her about this.  It was then Vicki told me about her Piña Colada cheese.  One bite later and I was going wild over this unique and delicious cheese. Vicki uses four different preparations of coconut and pineapple then adds it to their famous Käse Meister Jack.  No one I know makes this flavor of cheese.

 I asked Vicki why she chose this combination of tastes.  She answered, “in Wisconsin it gets cold and dark in the winter and I started dreaming of tropical Islands and drinking beautiful piña colada.”
 Eva’s Caribbean Kitchen is the first restaurant in the world to serve this amazing rum-loving cheese.   Enjoy the premier!

RUM Pairing: Rhum JM Vieux 1997
Holland’s Family Farm – Thorp, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker - Marieke Penterman
Raw Milk Foenegreek Gouda - Cow
This handmade farmstead Gouda is made from Marieke’s traditional Dutch recipe with their family farm’s fresh raw cow’s milk.   This cheese is then aged on Dutch pine planks four to six months to develop a creamy, nutty flavor.  Aging makes Holland's Family Farm Goudas very different from most American Gouda-style cheeses, which are usually sold very young.  Marieke’s Foenegreek Gouda won best in class at the 2007 US Championship Cheese Contest.
RUM Pairing: Clement Premiere Canne-Rhum Agricole Blanc
Sartori Foods – Plymouth, Wisconsin
Cheesemaker - Mike Matucheski
Sartori Reserve Raspberry BellaVitano– Cow
Wisconsin in its terroir and Italian in its heart, BellaVitano’s elegant flavor profiles are unique in the world of cheese. This premium cheese features a unique Parmesan flavor and a creamy Cheddar texture.   This cheese is unique in the world as it is soaked in New Glarus Raspberry Tart Ale to bring out the fruity notes of the cheese. Sartori Reserve's Raspberry BellaVitano took first place in its class at The American Cheese Society Competition.
RUM Pairing: Dos Maderas PX 5+5
Widmer’s Cheese Cellars – Theresa, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker  - Joe Widmer
Third generation cheesemaker, Joe Widmer, is a fine artist whose medium is cheese.  Joe is one of only 45 Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers who have passed the state’s rigorous standards…much like a Master Sommelier or Master Chef program.

Aged Brick Spread – Cow
OOOHHH, you will crave this spread once you’ve had just a teeny bite. I tasted it when I went to visit Joe at his small creamery in rural Wisconsin and had the joy of being turned on to Joe’s Aged Brick Spread.   Enjoy!  Made from a blend of Joe’s Aged Brick and his Cheddar, this delectable spread will keep you coming back for more.  Slather it on artisan bread and you will be in heaven.
RUM Pairing: Plantation Grand Reserve Barbados 5 Year
Hook’s Cheese Company - Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Cheesemakers – Tony and Julie Hook
Tony and Julie Hook are true artisans.   They make such small production cheeses…they have no employees…just these two passionate people.  The couple were college sweethearts and have made cheesemaking their life for more than 35 years.
They spent months refurbishing an abandoned facility built in the 1850s that was once a livery stable and a blacksmith's shop before being converted to a cheese plant in 1929.  Built into the side of a hill, the building came with ideal cave-like conditions for aging cheese, and the Hooks have made doing so an art form as you will taste this evening.   Their awards are numerous and Julie Hook was, and still is, the only woman to win the World Cheese Championship.  Slow Food honored the Hook’s by making them delegates to the Terra Madre event in Italy.

Hook’s 10-Year Cheddar - CowChefs are wild about this majesty of a Cheddar.  This super-aged cheese has a deep, rich, outrageously sharp cheddar taste with tiny sparks of flavor crystals and a long elegant finish. It's a testament to the skill and experience of Tony and Julie Hook that a cheese aged this long still retains a smooth, sensual creaminess rare in a cheese half its age.  This cheese won first place in its class at the 2006 American Cheese Society Competition.
RUM Pairing: Zaya 12 Year Old

Nice right?? That is good stuff! So to tally everything completely there was an introductory cocktail, 5 rums paired with with five cheeses a feast that included a Spinach and Artichoke entrée, a Monte Cristo, Filet Mignon, Lobster and Creme Brulee for dessert! Oh yeah!
That is Part 1. For part 2 i will dazzle you with some of Tobin's amazing photos, a link to the video and reveal which cheeses were my favorites.

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