Saturday, December 25, 2010

Old Pulteney 21

Ready for another Scotch....Well here is a tasty review:


Old Pulteney opened it doors in 1823 before there were even roads into the town and all their supplys came in and out by boat. This 21 year old Whisky is aged in Bourbon and Sherry casks (both made from American Oak) to dimensionalise this splendid single malt. This is a tremendous example of un-chillfiltered and exquisitely matured Highland style single malt. Leading with aromas of straw, apricot, fresh cut wood, honey, alfalfa, pear and peach, the structure and balance beautifully reveal the influence from the barrels. The mouth feel is full and creamy, starting sweet where the nose left off and building with intricate flavors like vanilla, grains of paradise, dried lemon peal and soft coriander which culminate to an astounding effect. The finish is quiet, quick, fresh and natural, leaving you ready for another dram. Try this neat in an appropriate glass and enjoy.