Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dalmore Gran Reserva

Tasty Highlad Single Malt, don't mind if i do....


The Dalmore is back. The marvelous Whisky that won so many over has returned with a reformulated 12 Year old (60% Sherry Oak, 40% American), a name change/ replacement for the immensely popular Cigar Reserve--Gran Reserva and an exciting group of new bottling to boot. The one I will focus on is the Gran Reserva. There have been hundreds of questions about the Cigar Reserve and with a new name and a 'richer' palate weight, it is back! Roasted pecans, delicate tea tones, soft tree fruits, cocoa and heather fill the nose from inside of a copious malt-honey structure. The elegant palate is oily with flavors of holiday spice cake, toffee, citrus zest, roasted nuts, prunes, treacle, marmalade and coffee that are recherché. The finish is soft and creamy showing brazil nuts and citrus in a bath of oily malt nuances. Try this neat, with patience-- and maybe with a Cigar if you dare.