Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chieftains Port Ellen 25 Year

How about an incredible Islay? This Single Malt is very Limited and quite exceptional. Here is my examination...
This Chieftains offering of Port Ellen was distilled in 1982 –just before the distillery closed— and then aged for 25 long years. The Whisky from this distillery is a rare treasure of illustrious reputation and this selection lives up to that celebrated status exceptionally. Nosing reveals wood fire, dried pears, sea weed, toasted coconut, chocolate, fennel, salty butter and smoked apricots. The flavors flow in an oily palate which show again the aromas and escalate to include fried salt-pork and smoky heather. The finish is vigorous and lingering with tantalizing flavors of smoke and grilled fruit that oscillate back and forth. For the lover of the big bold taste of Islay malt, this whisky is exquisite, superlative, elegant and sublime; try this neat with plenty of time to savor it.