Friday, November 19, 2010


Well let it never be said that i am a booze snob.
Kraken is the perfect case in point... An inexpensive, caramel colored, spiced rum that is yummy. That is right; i said yummy.

They provided the photo: 

Flavors of rich vanilla, caramel, coffee, chocolate and molasses with spices like allspice, clove, ginger and nutmeg. Big, well structured and sapid with a creamy mouth feel and long finish.

Looking for some long drinks with great names, such as: Kraken Coke . . . Kraken Up (Kraken & Lemon Lime Soda. This drink was my idea but the master piece of a name was created by Bob Lee) and a Perfect Storm (Kraken & Ginger Beer). Or how about a fun new spiced rum for some hot drinks to handle the cooler weather: Hot Apple Cider and Rum (Kraken Cider). . . Hot Buttered Rum (A Sweet, Hot, Greasy Kraken) . . . Rum & Coffee (Kraken Coffee) . . Rum & TEa (Kraken T)

This whole little blurb is 'blurbish' but really the stuff is simple, versatile and tasty. What could be wrong with that?

So enjoy the cool looking package, savor the tasty 'Spiced' Rum and see for yourself.