Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MxMo Brown, bitter and Stirred...

i can do that.
Actually it is more difficult (when making a drink for myself...) to not 'do that'.
After i heard about the theme i got all excited and then went slavishly to the many duties on my plate. So here at the last moment is my humble submission. Please comment freely.

As usual i tries to pull out ingredients that my friends may not have tried... this time is no exception. The drink features a few such ingredients you may not have tried--both are fantastic: 1. Echte Kroatzbeere is a German Wild Blackberry Liqueur that is yummy, rixh and bursting with 'wild' blackberry goodness. 2. Killepitsch is a German Krauter Liqueur (think Jaeger... but awesome! More tea tones and way less anise.). 3. Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters -delectable, fresh, layered and expansive bitters. The 4th ingredient you should have a bunch of-- Coruba, oh yeah! Here is a picture of them all kicking it on my table:
Here is the recipe:

Big Bitter Berries (3B)
30 ml Coruba (1 Oz)
30 ml Echte Kroatzbeere (1 Oz)
30 ml Killepitsch (1 Oz)
2 Bar spoons Grapefruit Bitters
Stir with ice until well chilled
Strain into Chilled cocktail glass.

This MxMo was fearlessly initiated by Lindsy at Brown, Bitter and Stirred and the wrap up will be posted on her blog... Go check it out!