Monday, September 27, 2010


I love Coruba, it is my favorite dark rum. There I said it. But even something you love can do something incredibly stupid. . . like changing from a classy, inviting, charming and picturesque label to a cheesy, insipid, glossy and hokey label. That is what Coruba did. Now I know the rum inside is what matters most and it is still amazing dark rum, but the old bottle was so much cooler-- like a portable tropical paradise waiting to be poured into a delicious punch or floated on a tasty boat drink. Here is a picture of me holding the old bottle, taken by a wonderful customer whose name eludes me from the floor at Hi-Time....

My review:
Coruba is a 100% Jamaican Rum made by J Wray and Nephew in the older 'planters rum' style. It is a blend of over thirty rums (from both pot and column stills) that are aged in small oak barrels for at least two years and then high quality molasses is added to it. In the glass it is the color of polished mahogany. The nose is redolent-- filled with baked tropical fruits that were basted with clean molasses and dusted with spice—yummy. The flavor are rich, oily, dark and highly enjoyable. The finish shows the perfect amount of dry wood and burnt sugar and lingers patiently restating the flavors. This rum is delectable--prefect for a grog or a punch!