Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Man Drinks

Recently, I received a copy of  “Old Man Drinks”, by Robert Schnakenberg, for my perusal. I have been playfully stomping through it ever since. This book is a fantastic joy to read. It is filled with great cocktail history snippets, excellent drinks, wonderful photos, inimitable charm, timeless wit and occasional flurries of romantic musing or profound philosophical fun. Now before i go to far, this is a 'lifestyle' book. It is 'entertaining-- and meant to be that way. There are cocktails and everything else I mentioned, but they are merely 'parts' of a lovely montage. As soon as i have re-read it in a 'more orderly' fashion I am placing on the counter in my bathroom for every visitor to enjoy. This is a ineffably enchanting book, a fantastic gift, a nice placement on a coffee table (or bathroom reading), a smart book to place on your bar, but mostly it is just feisty good time with book covers. Find yourself a copy and enjoy it.
(I stole the picture from their lazy to get my camera out...)