Monday, September 30, 2013

Mezcal Monday: Mirador

So first off  'Mezcal Monday' will no longer be numbered. This is the 13th week and it is beginning to seem redundant. 
This is a cocktail I made up a few years ago and I wanted to update it because it is such an approachable, refreshing drink. Mirador translates to balcony (no I don't speak Spanish, but Google does!), and I thought that that name perfectly catches the 'feeling of this drink. If you seen this before, you will notice that I have changed out the mezcal. I was thinking that I wanted a milder, more balanced mezcal when I created this drink and Mina Real (reviewed here...) wasn't available at the time, but it is now... Also I changed the orange liqueur from the delicious Solerno, to the delicious Mandarine Napoleon; the reason is Mandarine Napoleon is a touch richer, a little sweeter. I like both of them, so you pick (You could easily use any fine orange liqueur in their place.). Next, I added bitters to the 'new and improved' Mirador. Any orange, lemon or grapefruit bitter would work and most others would too, but I used Regans Orange--I love those bitters and what a deal. The last point  is on the measurements. The reason for 1-1½ oz, 3-5 oz variation is the size of your glass. My large coupe holds 8+ oz's, so I use the 1½ oz, 1½ oz, 5 measurements, if your coupe hold 5 oz's use the other. Now on to the cocktail!:


1-1½ oz Mina Real Silver

1-1½ oz Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur
3-5 oz Cristalino Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine)

Stir spirits until well chilled strain into large chilled coupe
fill with Cava and garnish with 2 Brandied Cherries

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