Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tennessee Waltz

So let's start with George Dickel #8:

George Dickel is a legend in Tennessee Whisky and rightfully so. The nose is very sweet with strong hints of caramel, corn, wood, sweet charcoal- kind of reminds me of barbecuing corn with butter on it with the juice dripping down to splatter on the charcoal-- yeah that's the smell. The taste is mild, woody, minor spice, some sweetness with a little smokiness-- simple flavors, light bodied taste—very easy drinking. Flavors are similar to the nose but more acute or focused. The finale is clean and dry with little rye showing up and a wood tones galore that fall away fairly quick, making for a medium length finish.

Now let's look at Prichard’s Sweet Lucy:

Prichard’s Sweet Lucy is a bourbon-based liqueur blended with the flavors of Apricot and Orange-- Sweet Lucy is a tasty little jewel. The scents are focused on the fruit, but there is lovely bourbon in the background. The flavor starts with apricot jam, building to reveal sweet spices and bourbon tones that resolve on orange marmalade. The finish is long, sugared and zesty.

Tennessee Waltz

Build on cracked ice in a double rocks glass;

2 Parts Dickel
1 part Sweet Lucy
garnish with the zest of an orange with oils expressed

Listen to Eva sing it..