Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Night with Infinium. . .

I had a great time the other night with a bunch of local bartenders, bloggers and spirits enthusiasts. It was a presentation by Julie and Stacy of Infinum Spirits showing off their excellent brands. In case you don't know they are the ones who bring us our beloved Carpano Antica, Punt y mes, Casa Noble Tequila, Zaya Rum, Fernet Branca, Corralejo Tequila, Bafferts Gin and Crystal Head Vodka - to name a few. . ..Here i am with Julie in front of the Brands... Hello, would you care for a beverage?.

After a brief rundown on the products there was an open forum for questions and then the good stuff-- the tasting. To lead us into the tasting, my buddy Jason (from 320 Main in Seal beach-- if you haven't gone there yet-- you must be crazy.) made an awesome cocktail to get us in the mood called 'The Devil's Own' featuring 2 Infinium products-- Zaya and Fernet-- that was absolutely fantastic.Here is The 'Devil's Own' showing it's radiant horns because somebody was drinking it before the photo op...

Then we went through everything tasting each one. The cap of the event was a drink competition where tasty libations we the order of the evening... Oh yeah good fun. If you see a chance to go to one of these do not pass it up.

The drink i came up with was luscious (sorry no picture)...

Fernet Cafe

20-25ml Fernet [3/4 oz]
20-25ml Half & Half [3/4 oz]
20-25ml Cold Coffee Concentrate [3/4 oz]
(Chilled Espresso will work fine)
20-25ml Trader Tiki Vanilla Syrup [3/4 oz]

Shake and Strain into a chilled Glass

All the photos were courtesy of Matt "Rumdood" Robold and/ Niki Lovejoy. Thanks!