Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Couple of Drinks....

Well Thursday Drink Night was hosted by my pal Rumdood (Matt Robold) and the themes were summer drinks. Here are the 2 i submitted, for your drinking pleasure...
#1 Naranja Doble

50ml Don Q [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Fresh OJ [3/4 Oz]
2+ Dashes Regans Orange Bitters
Shake w/ Cracked ice/ strain, garnish with Orange Slice.
This works great with any rum (and cachaca),
but rums from places that speak Spanish make the name work...

This drink is light and refreshing, works great for patio time or as an aperitif.

#2 The River Goddess

50ml Oronoco [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Damiana Liqueur [3/4 Oz]
15ml Fresh Lime Juice [1/2 Oz]
60ml Soda [2 Oz]

Fill collins glass with crushed ice
add everything and swizzle

The name is a play on the Damiana bottle being modeled after an Incan Goddess, and Oronoco is a river that cruises through South America.
This drink will be perfect for some summer fun, BBQ, patio, picnic--dealers