Sunday, May 16, 2010

Andes Gold Cocktail

I happened onto this drink while fidgeting in my bar. It is very tasty with a sumptuous mouth-feel provided by the the Strega/Nigori sake combination. Pisco, Strega and all kinds of Sake are vastly overlooked in in cocktails so i thought i would throw this out and see what you nice people thought...

Andes Gold

50ml Don Cesar Pisco Italia [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Strega Liqueur [3/4 Oz]
25ml Nigori Sake [3/4 Oz]
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice [1/2 Oz]
*Dash of Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters (optional)

Shake (i stirred but i'll tell you the rules and admit when i break them) with ice and strain into a Cocktail Glass, Garnish with a Lychee nut.

Let me know what you think...