Thursday, May 20, 2010

24 Peach Tree Lane

So, if you were wondering, i really like Gin. Lately my heavy handed experimentation has been with Beefeater 24-- having procured a sample (which actually is my 4th bottle, but it funny how much easier it is to experiment when rent isn't in the way)-- and i must say that this is a friendly, flexible, highly versatile gin for these kind of adventures. The tea really adds a palate depth and lingering effect on the mouth-feel. Anyways on to another 'Address Named' new cocktail . . .this one featuring Beefeater 24 and in the supporting modifier role---- RinQuinQuin!

24 Peachtree Lane
[i know hilarious -right!]

60ml Beefeater 24 [2oz]
22.5ml RinQuinQuin [3/4oz]
adjust to preference...

Stir strain into Chilled Glass
Garnish with expressed oils of
and toss in a large lemon zest

Now i must apologize. The picture i included clearly shows a garnish of 3 Olives-- and originally i was going to keep it. It was tasty. A little confused but tasty. When i went it to re-taste with a fresh one i opted out and used the new and improved garnish listed on the recipe above. The new and improved was so good i drank 5 more. Then i forgot to take a picture with the new and improved garnish and now i am out of RinQuinQuin till payday. So i figured i could just explain and say sorry-- we are all friends here right?

Back to the details...

i said this before (you may recall), but don't underestimate the power and beauty of a simple drink.
This is gorgeous and giving a delectable, clean cocktail that would work before/after or during dinner or just lounging on the patio.

There is more about Beefeater 24 here . . .
i made an Une Idee with it here . . .
and lest we forget the other address themed drink, i used Beefeater 24 in 24 Aperol Ave- here . .

Here is a blurb, i wrote, about RinQuinQuin:
RinQuinQuin is an aromatized wine (a Quinquina) infused with sweet peaches and their delicate peach leaves. Along with the pleasant bitterness of quinine and the proprietary blend of herbs and spices, you have the sumptuous richness of peaches-- yum! The palate is delectably smooth and bursting with fruity peach, with hints of citrus, apricot and vanilla in a dry intricate tonic— this is an excellent aperitif. The interplay between rich, sweet peaches and dry intricate quinquina is a joy to imbibe. Try it chilled or over ice, with soda, on fruit or sorbet, or in an amazing cocktail--like this one.