Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Miami Rum Renaissance - Redux

So what do you get when you mix 1500 (or so) rum enthusiasts, samples of great rum from all over the world, a plethora of free flowing rum drinks, booths filled with experts to answer questions, international Tiki competitions, expert seminars all put together in a glorious setting... Why you get one hell of a good time: The 2010 Miami Rum Renaissance was all of that and millions of other fun things.
Really it was seemingly a chaotic miasma of 'adult' fun, while simultaneously being an euphonious well oiled machine of informative/instructive experience; so much fun--so much goodness.

This is what it promised to be. . . and frankly this is what is classically known in the sales industry as "Under commit, and Over perform" because as far as those objectives go--SLAM DUNK!

My buddy Chip at Rum Howler runs it down, in his inimitable style, thusly . . .

Want more detail? My pals at the Rum Connection recap here:Part 1, and Part 2

It was so much that they broke it up into 2 parts... You know what: it just barely scratches the surface. [Hey at least they were brave enough to try, i just posted a link to them trying because i couldn't even imagine giving it a go.]

Here is what the Miami New Times had to say. . .

If you would like to know who won the Rum Competition here is a great recap. . .

Also the good news is the Burr family (the force behind The Gifted Rum Guide and Rum Renaissance) are already planning next years-- the tentative dates are:April 26 to May 1st, 2011, so start blocking out your calendars-- and i will see you there!!