Thursday, May 20, 2010

24 Peach Tree Lane

So, if you were wondering, i really like Gin. Lately my heavy handed experimentation has been with Beefeater 24-- having procured a sample (which actually is my 4th bottle, but it funny how much easier it is to experiment when rent isn't in the way)-- and i must say that this is a friendly, flexible, highly versatile gin for these kind of adventures. The tea really adds a palate depth and lingering effect on the mouth-feel. Anyways on to another 'Address Named' new cocktail . . .this one featuring Beefeater 24 and in the supporting modifier role---- RinQuinQuin!

24 Peachtree Lane
[i know hilarious -right!]

60ml Beefeater 24 [2oz]
22.5ml RinQuinQuin [3/4oz]
adjust to preference...

Stir strain into Chilled Glass
Garnish with expressed oils of
and toss in a large lemon zest

Now i must apologize. The picture i included clearly shows a garnish of 3 Olives-- and originally i was going to keep it. It was tasty. A little confused but tasty. When i went it to re-taste with a fresh one i opted out and used the new and improved garnish listed on the recipe above. The new and improved was so good i drank 5 more. Then i forgot to take a picture with the new and improved garnish and now i am out of RinQuinQuin till payday. So i figured i could just explain and say sorry-- we are all friends here right?

Back to the details...

i said this before (you may recall), but don't underestimate the power and beauty of a simple drink.
This is gorgeous and giving a delectable, clean cocktail that would work before/after or during dinner or just lounging on the patio.

There is more about Beefeater 24 here . . .
i made an Une Idee with it here . . .
and lest we forget the other address themed drink, i used Beefeater 24 in 24 Aperol Ave- here . .

Here is a blurb, i wrote, about RinQuinQuin:
RinQuinQuin is an aromatized wine (a Quinquina) infused with sweet peaches and their delicate peach leaves. Along with the pleasant bitterness of quinine and the proprietary blend of herbs and spices, you have the sumptuous richness of peaches-- yum! The palate is delectably smooth and bursting with fruity peach, with hints of citrus, apricot and vanilla in a dry intricate tonic— this is an excellent aperitif. The interplay between rich, sweet peaches and dry intricate quinquina is a joy to imbibe. Try it chilled or over ice, with soda, on fruit or sorbet, or in an amazing cocktail--like this one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Night with Infinium. . .

I had a great time the other night with a bunch of local bartenders, bloggers and spirits enthusiasts. It was a presentation by Julie and Stacy of Infinum Spirits showing off their excellent brands. In case you don't know they are the ones who bring us our beloved Carpano Antica, Punt y mes, Casa Noble Tequila, Zaya Rum, Fernet Branca, Corralejo Tequila, Bafferts Gin and Crystal Head Vodka - to name a few. . ..Here i am with Julie in front of the Brands... Hello, would you care for a beverage?.

After a brief rundown on the products there was an open forum for questions and then the good stuff-- the tasting. To lead us into the tasting, my buddy Jason (from 320 Main in Seal beach-- if you haven't gone there yet-- you must be crazy.) made an awesome cocktail to get us in the mood called 'The Devil's Own' featuring 2 Infinium products-- Zaya and Fernet-- that was absolutely fantastic.Here is The 'Devil's Own' showing it's radiant horns because somebody was drinking it before the photo op...

Then we went through everything tasting each one. The cap of the event was a drink competition where tasty libations we the order of the evening... Oh yeah good fun. If you see a chance to go to one of these do not pass it up.

The drink i came up with was luscious (sorry no picture)...

Fernet Cafe

20-25ml Fernet [3/4 oz]
20-25ml Half & Half [3/4 oz]
20-25ml Cold Coffee Concentrate [3/4 oz]
(Chilled Espresso will work fine)
20-25ml Trader Tiki Vanilla Syrup [3/4 oz]

Shake and Strain into a chilled Glass

All the photos were courtesy of Matt "Rumdood" Robold and/ Niki Lovejoy. Thanks!

Monday, May 17, 2010

24 Aperol Ave

i am sure there is a better name for this but i'll think about it later.
Basically this is Beefeater 24 with Aperol as a modifier-- simple right?
Delicious more likely. i made 4 of these in a row when i tried it the first time and the second evening i went for 3 more just to make sure.

24 Aperol Ave

60ml Beefeater 24 [2oz]
22.5ml Aperol [3/4oz]
adjust to preference...

Stir strain into Chilled Glass
Garnish with 2 Luxardo Cherries

Don't underestimate the power and beauty of a simple drink.
This is a lovely tipple to be taken on any occasion.

i wrote more about Beefeater 24 here . . .
and used it to great effect in an Une Idee here . . .

Here is a blurb about Aperol:
Aperol is an Italian aperitif originally created in 1919, but it took a while to get to the US-- it was well worth the wait. Some of the ingredients that shine through are bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb, and cinchona (quinine); the flavor and color is articulated by a subtle blend of the 'known' ingredients and a secret array of herbs and roots, using a recipe that has been unaltered since its creation. Delectable aromas of citrus, roots and herbs invite you to drink. The palate focus is oxidized grapefruit with a touch of creamy vanilla. The finish is fresh and supple with a lively citrus pith aftertaste-- gorgeous!

i have also used this to good effect with Rhum... here ....

Yes, Yvette, there is a Martin Miller . . .

So i was talking to my Mark Berge, who is a rep for Martin Miller Gin, and we were discussing me utilizing that lovely gin in a few drinks lately. Out of nowhere he said; "hey, i got a great name for a drink.... Yes, Virginia, there is a Martin Miller". i didn't get the reference (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus--a good piece on it here...) but i still thought the name had merit. So, i mentioned that i had been making a bunch of drinks with a newly re-introduced liqueur called Creme de Yvette and i thought that name would work as well...
So here is the drink (which coincidentally is loosely an Yvette Cocktail and an Orchid Cocktail hybridized..):

Yes, Yvette, there is a Martin Miller . . .

50ml Martin Miller gin [1 1/2 oz]
25ml Creme Yvette [3/4 oz]
15ml fresh lemon juice [1/2 oz]
i Egg white

Dry shake in a cocktail shaker to emulsify, add ice shake & strain into a chilled cocktail glass

This is a tasty drink and would work well as an aperitif, as an after dinner drink or as an excellent morning bracer...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Andes Gold Cocktail

I happened onto this drink while fidgeting in my bar. It is very tasty with a sumptuous mouth-feel provided by the the Strega/Nigori sake combination. Pisco, Strega and all kinds of Sake are vastly overlooked in in cocktails so i thought i would throw this out and see what you nice people thought...

Andes Gold

50ml Don Cesar Pisco Italia [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Strega Liqueur [3/4 Oz]
25ml Nigori Sake [3/4 Oz]
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice [1/2 Oz]
*Dash of Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters (optional)

Shake (i stirred but i'll tell you the rules and admit when i break them) with ice and strain into a Cocktail Glass, Garnish with a Lychee nut.

Let me know what you think...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Couple of Drinks....

Well Thursday Drink Night was hosted by my pal Rumdood (Matt Robold) and the themes were summer drinks. Here are the 2 i submitted, for your drinking pleasure...
#1 Naranja Doble

50ml Don Q [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Fresh OJ [3/4 Oz]
2+ Dashes Regans Orange Bitters
Shake w/ Cracked ice/ strain, garnish with Orange Slice.
This works great with any rum (and cachaca),
but rums from places that speak Spanish make the name work...

This drink is light and refreshing, works great for patio time or as an aperitif.

#2 The River Goddess

50ml Oronoco [1 1/2 Oz]
25ml Damiana Liqueur [3/4 Oz]
15ml Fresh Lime Juice [1/2 Oz]
60ml Soda [2 Oz]

Fill collins glass with crushed ice
add everything and swizzle

The name is a play on the Damiana bottle being modeled after an Incan Goddess, and Oronoco is a river that cruises through South America.
This drink will be perfect for some summer fun, BBQ, patio, picnic--dealers

Friday, May 14, 2010

2010 Miami Rum Renaissance - Redux

So what do you get when you mix 1500 (or so) rum enthusiasts, samples of great rum from all over the world, a plethora of free flowing rum drinks, booths filled with experts to answer questions, international Tiki competitions, expert seminars all put together in a glorious setting... Why you get one hell of a good time: The 2010 Miami Rum Renaissance was all of that and millions of other fun things.
Really it was seemingly a chaotic miasma of 'adult' fun, while simultaneously being an euphonious well oiled machine of informative/instructive experience; so much fun--so much goodness.

This is what it promised to be. . . and frankly this is what is classically known in the sales industry as "Under commit, and Over perform" because as far as those objectives go--SLAM DUNK!

My buddy Chip at Rum Howler runs it down, in his inimitable style, thusly . . .

Want more detail? My pals at the Rum Connection recap here:Part 1, and Part 2

It was so much that they broke it up into 2 parts... You know what: it just barely scratches the surface. [Hey at least they were brave enough to try, i just posted a link to them trying because i couldn't even imagine giving it a go.]

Here is what the Miami New Times had to say. . .

If you would like to know who won the Rum Competition here is a great recap. . .

Also the good news is the Burr family (the force behind The Gifted Rum Guide and Rum Renaissance) are already planning next years-- the tentative dates are:April 26 to May 1st, 2011, so start blocking out your calendars-- and i will see you there!!