Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rhum JM and a drinky . . .

Last night my lover and i were watching Bogart & Bacall movies and it got me in the mood for some classic 'styled' cocktails with Rhum Agricole. So i reached for my Rhum JM Eleve Sous Bois-Gold Rhum, frankly this is wonderful Rhum.

On the nose there are tight tropical and ripe exotic fruits (papaya, dried mango, quince, persimmon, dried pineapple)> The flavors are grassy slightly sweet and deeply enjoyable. i love this stuff and it hurts (a little) to put it in a drink, but you have to follow Le Muse...
The drink is a lovely juxtaposition of fruit tones with a bitter back note that is really quite refreshing. i present to you:

Hotel Marquis

60ml Rhum JM (2oz)
25ml Aperol (3/4oz+a dash)
10ml Lemon Juice (1/3oz)
Shake with ice until chilled
strain into chilled cocktail glass,
express oils of, and
garnish with lemon zest