Monday, March 10, 2014

Redbreast 12 Year Old Pure Pot Still

Redbreast is a truly wonderful example of uniquely Irish Whiskey. 'Pure Pot Still' is a method that is utilized only in Ireland; what it is, is Malted Barley blended with un-malted Barley to achieve the mash (the grain base for fermentation). The flavors of 'Pure Pot Still' are more vegetal and herbaceous than 'Single Malt' (100% Malted Barely) because of the un-converted starches in the un-malted Barley.
Redbreast is a perfectly articulated demonstration of this style of Whiskey.
The nose has huge baking spices, brown bread, caramel and soft tree fruit. Some of the flavors that come through are pancake grain, maple, leather, vanilla, butterscotch and dried fruit. The finish just lasts for what seems like a glorious forever showing anise and fudges to fade into soft fruit and call you for another sip.

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