Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kilbeggan 15 Year Old

To continue on our treatments of Irish Whiskey i happily present: Kilbeggan 15
A tremendous 15 year-old, small batch, limited edition whiskey bottled to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Kilbeggan distillery. To make it even more special, a lovely decanter holds the gift of this gorgeous whiskey. The nose is creamy like an apple custard with wonderful spices backing it up and lucullan honey sweetness lifting it out of the glass. The flavors range from sweet stewed fruits and vanilla tones that flatter the rich malt nuances to vivid mineral and spice that bring vibrant warmth. On the finish, hints of toffee and treacle emerge amidst the lingering toasty oak ribaldry-- this is an excellent whiskey that is a joy to drink neat, or even with a little ice.

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