Thursday, March 6, 2014

Greenore 8

Since St Patric's day is coming up i thought it would be nice to show off some Irish Whiskey. So to start off a string of reviews here it is:Greenore Single Grain is yet another unparalleled product from Cooley Distillery (winners of Malt Advocate's Distillery of the Year). Distilled from maize/corn and aged in American oak, it is the ONLY Single Grain Whiskey available from Ireland. This month we are going to enjoy the 8 Year old. The aromas are nuanced—sumptuous—inviting--elegant: Soft vanilla, green apple, corn, white tea, lemon and toasty grains. These clean, fresh smells fall lightly onto your palate in a finespun, oily mouth-feel with flavors of vanilla, marchpane or crème caramel mingled with fruitier tones like an apple or lemon bouchee; preposterously enjoyable to drink. The finish lingers, showing finally some warm baking spices to clean up the palate and insist on another drink.

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  1. I bought a couple of bottles of the Greenore 15 last fall after a small in store sample sent my taste buds reeling. The Irish Greenore whiskeys are extremely approachable with a a bounty of character in the glass if you have the patience to let the whiskey breathe for just a little while. I know far two many persons who turn their noses up at the so called inferiority of the grain whiskies, if I could just get them to take one sip of Greenore, they would be cured of this whisky tunnel vision and their enjoyment could be increased twofold.

  2. Yes that is great whiskey, i love the 8 Year old also (as evidenced by my glowing review.)

    i feel the same way tho there are also a few Scottish Single grain i would (could and have) show them also.