Sunday, March 9, 2014

Connemara 12

Connemara is a totally unusual Irish Whiskey. Where most Irish is un-peated, triple distilled blends-- Connemara is fully peated, double distilled, Single Malt Whiskey. Leave it to those innovative Irish Pioneers at the Cooley Distillery (Malt Advocates Distillery of the Year!) they are always up to something crazy and it is always delicious! When nosed the whiskey shows smoke, cider, flowers, light anise tones, and sweet pipe tobacco. The mouth-feel is full and rich with soft oak (warmed honey, cedar and vanilla), fruit leather and just the slightest hint of basil. The finish is very pleasant with mists of salt, peat and cherries that lingers and is complex. This, like all of the Cooley Whiskeys, is an amazing whiskey-- especially for the peat lover in the house.

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