Friday, February 26, 2010

Parker's Heritage Collections Golden Anniversary

Parker's Heritage Collections latest offering, called Parker's Golden Anniversary, was crafted to celebrate Parker Beam's 50 years at Heaven Hill. This 100 proof whiskey is an assemblage of whiskeys distilled in each decade—60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's— he was at Heaven Hill. Not only is this a 'novel' concept, it is an amazing whiskey (Malt Advocate named it American Whiskey of the year!) that unfortunately is very limited--there are only 4,500 bottles— that's all. This whiskey is incredible. Harmonious aromas of stewed stone fruit, raisin and citrus immaculately interwoven with black tea, tobacco, toasty almond confect. These daedal scents are provocative, inviting and carried bountifully to the palate, evolving to include cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, caramelized honey, over-ripe berry's and supple nuances of leather-- stunning. The finish parades all of these sumptuous subtleties slowly as if reluctant to leave, lingering, holding on, continuing to give to finally depart with only baking spice to remain. Better act fast because it wont last.

~~*i took the picture from their website...sorry.