Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Park Cognac

Photo from their website. . .

About a month ago i borrowed my buddies sample bottles of Park Cognac for the evening and i thought i would share my quick shock tasting notes...

Cognac Park X.O
Nose: raisins simmered w/ cinnamon, currant quince, toasty cedar
Taste: vigorous oak, rich cellulose, delicate spice-persimmon
Finish: warming toffee tones with spices, leather
Available here...

Cognac Park Vieille Fine Champagne
60% Grande Champagne,
40% Petite Champagne
Nose: delicate light fruit, sultana, oil
Taste: chrysanthemum, canola, creamy toffee, spice dusted crème brulee,
Finish: lingering bright fruit, delicate warming spice, oaky vanilla
Available here...

Cognac Park Vieille Grande Champagne, 1er Cru
100% Grande Champagne
Nose: oak forward, delicate spice bound up with luxurious dark fruit, cigar box, leather
Taste: follow the nose and then evolves to include stewed dry fruit-- apricots, pear, sultana, currants with caramelized honey and clean spice
Finish: lingering rich, recherche, restating in a slow promenade all the intricate nuances
Available here...
These cognac are absolutely amazing. This is note the whole line up-- one of my favorites is missing-- Park Borderies..a preposterously beautiful cognac.

Not very elaborate i know, these are crib notes i use when preparing to write something up. i take several sessions-- preferably at differing times of the day-- and i first compile the notes, emphasizing the obvious stand out characteristic and then try to make into something a little less clunky to read.

We are having a Brandies of the World Tasting on Sunday February 21 at Villa Nova in Newport Beach, from 5PM- 8PM. There will be over 120 various kinds of Brandies (and Brandy based liqueur) to try, snacks, etc, etc. . . Luckily the entire Park line up will be there and available to try! Borderies, Borderies. . .

So if you are free join us (RSVP please).