Friday, February 26, 2010

Charlie Palmers: The Results!

Well right off the bat we had an amazing time!
Hundreds of people came out to make a difference while having a drink. A bunch of wonderful businesses donated products for the raffle. The Wonderful bartenders in the competition put forth some yummy drinks. The judges wrestled with the weighty task of picking a winner, and the winner was: Stacey from Charlie Palmers (home court advantage)made a drink A-O-TE-A-ROA (translates into The Endless White Cloud) that included Milagro Tequila, Kiwi, Clementine Orange Cayenne Foam-- in a word delicious! On top of all of that merriment we managed to raise $4,200 for Haiti!
Yeah, that was great time. Thanks to everyone who participated, helped out, donated, bought drinks, showed up, thought good thoughts for us, sent your friend whatever-- you guys rock!