Friday, February 26, 2010

Parker's Heritage Collections Golden Anniversary

Parker's Heritage Collections latest offering, called Parker's Golden Anniversary, was crafted to celebrate Parker Beam's 50 years at Heaven Hill. This 100 proof whiskey is an assemblage of whiskeys distilled in each decade—60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's— he was at Heaven Hill. Not only is this a 'novel' concept, it is an amazing whiskey (Malt Advocate named it American Whiskey of the year!) that unfortunately is very limited--there are only 4,500 bottles— that's all. This whiskey is incredible. Harmonious aromas of stewed stone fruit, raisin and citrus immaculately interwoven with black tea, tobacco, toasty almond confect. These daedal scents are provocative, inviting and carried bountifully to the palate, evolving to include cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, caramelized honey, over-ripe berry's and supple nuances of leather-- stunning. The finish parades all of these sumptuous subtleties slowly as if reluctant to leave, lingering, holding on, continuing to give to finally depart with only baking spice to remain. Better act fast because it wont last.

~~*i took the picture from their website...sorry.

Charlie Palmers: The Results!

Well right off the bat we had an amazing time!
Hundreds of people came out to make a difference while having a drink. A bunch of wonderful businesses donated products for the raffle. The Wonderful bartenders in the competition put forth some yummy drinks. The judges wrestled with the weighty task of picking a winner, and the winner was: Stacey from Charlie Palmers (home court advantage)made a drink A-O-TE-A-ROA (translates into The Endless White Cloud) that included Milagro Tequila, Kiwi, Clementine Orange Cayenne Foam-- in a word delicious! On top of all of that merriment we managed to raise $4,200 for Haiti!
Yeah, that was great time. Thanks to everyone who participated, helped out, donated, bought drinks, showed up, thought good thoughts for us, sent your friend whatever-- you guys rock!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lysacek

The Lysacek

20-25 ml or 3/4 oz Martin Miller Westbourne Strength
20-25 ml or 3/4 oz Mae De Ouro Cachaca
20-25 ml or 3/4 oz Zwack liqueur
20-25 ml or 3/4 oz Dubonnet Rouge

Shake with ice until chilled and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Express every drop of oil from a Large Lemon zest
(leave it in or pull it out i prefer mine in but it looks better out)
Garnish with a brandied cherry.

Like Lysacek it is intense, elegant, well structured and a surprising winner!

i included metrics for my readers around the world ;),
and because i am thinking maybe it is about time..

By the way i dare you to try it...

i updated the measurements as per the suggestion from my good pal Chip.

Charlie Palmers: The Invitation...

After my wonderfully glowing introduction i am sure all of you went immediately over to CP's, nestled up to the bar and drank in complete pleasure at the service of Gabrielle and Stacey, enjoying drink after drink and then some of the Sliders that ABC Channel 7 called "The Best Sliders in Los Angeles", or some of that 'Brown Sugar Cake That the Editor of the OC Register picked as 'The Ultimate Dessert in OC. . .', maybe you just basked in the overall mall bound goodness that made Riviera Magazine award them the coveted 'Restaurant of the Year', but knowing my readers-- my leaders-- my friends, you went for Gabrielle and Stacey and stayed for a bite.
So the reason for an official invitation... . Well it is a good reason.
Mixing for Haiti...
Simply put, it is a Hand Selected group some of the best bartenders around competing in a cocktail competition, where we as cossumers can purchase the competition level, world class cocktails for a meager $7. and all of the cash goes straight to the Red Cross relief effort in Haiti THAT SAME NIGHT. Now that is what i am talking about High Calber, excellently crafted cocktails FOR ONLY $7 bucks-- and all the money goes to charity... it is a marvelously simple way to build community, demonstrate concern and experience the great feeling of kindness, comradery and cocktail mixed all together...
Wait there is more... There will also be a raffle for donated products-- there is a bunch of stuff and your chance of winning something is real, real high [here the list so far: Fraggoli Strawberry Liqueur/ Holland "Bong" Vodka/ Collectible Bong Vodka Lava Lamp/ 209 Gin/ Appleton 12 Gift set/ Appleton V/X/ Cafe Boheme Gift Set/ Veev Gift Basket/ Tequila Azunia Gift Basket/ Hi Time Gift Basket/ Snowboard/ St George Absinthe 1st Edition Collectible / SOL Cucina $75 Dollar Gift Card/ PAMA Gift set / Evan Williams Single Barrel Gift Set / La Certeza Gift Set / Hypnotic Gift Set / BooTAY Gift Basket / Corrido Extra Añejo Tequila Gift Set / Clement Cuvee Homere / Rhum JM 1997 / La Fortaleza Tequila / El Ultimo Agave Tequila / Karlsson's Gold Vodka Basket / Absolute Golf Bag / Yamazaki 12 Japanese Whiskey/$50 dollar gift card to 320 Main, Sign Bottle of Partida Tequila-- and they just keep coming in.

So come on down, Monday Night--February 22nd, from 7PM til 10PM to CP's and help us raise some money for a noble cause WHILE simultaneously raising the level of positivity in the by having a genuine great time. [Don't forget immediately following the CP's Happy Hour starts 10PM-12PM 1/2 Priced, fun.

All of this is presented to you by the Bartenders Cabinet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Park Cognac

Photo from their website. . .

About a month ago i borrowed my buddies sample bottles of Park Cognac for the evening and i thought i would share my quick shock tasting notes...

Cognac Park X.O
Nose: raisins simmered w/ cinnamon, currant quince, toasty cedar
Taste: vigorous oak, rich cellulose, delicate spice-persimmon
Finish: warming toffee tones with spices, leather
Available here...

Cognac Park Vieille Fine Champagne
60% Grande Champagne,
40% Petite Champagne
Nose: delicate light fruit, sultana, oil
Taste: chrysanthemum, canola, creamy toffee, spice dusted crème brulee,
Finish: lingering bright fruit, delicate warming spice, oaky vanilla
Available here...

Cognac Park Vieille Grande Champagne, 1er Cru
100% Grande Champagne
Nose: oak forward, delicate spice bound up with luxurious dark fruit, cigar box, leather
Taste: follow the nose and then evolves to include stewed dry fruit-- apricots, pear, sultana, currants with caramelized honey and clean spice
Finish: lingering rich, recherche, restating in a slow promenade all the intricate nuances
Available here...
These cognac are absolutely amazing. This is note the whole line up-- one of my favorites is missing-- Park Borderies..a preposterously beautiful cognac.

Not very elaborate i know, these are crib notes i use when preparing to write something up. i take several sessions-- preferably at differing times of the day-- and i first compile the notes, emphasizing the obvious stand out characteristic and then try to make into something a little less clunky to read.

We are having a Brandies of the World Tasting on Sunday February 21 at Villa Nova in Newport Beach, from 5PM- 8PM. There will be over 120 various kinds of Brandies (and Brandy based liqueur) to try, snacks, etc, etc. . . Luckily the entire Park line up will be there and available to try! Borderies, Borderies. . .

So if you are free join us (RSVP please).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Charlie Palmers-- the introduction

Well it all started a few weeks ago.
My pal John and i decided to pop into Charlie Palmers for happy hour (accompanied by his terrific girlfriend). i'll be honest- i was a little frightened. Being a hardened cocktail enthusiast with enough experience on both sides of the bar has somehow made me leery of Bars in malls. Boy was i wrong. (This is the part of the story where i stop thank John for insisting that i go--thank you John.)
First off, what a gorgeous property, nice layout, very interesting design, crisp-clean lines and the moment you walk through the huge glass doors you are greeted by a friendly host or hostess-- classy. Now this is great -really great- but i am still feeling some trepidation.
So the 3 of us sidle up to the bar and we are immediately greeted by the wonderful Gabrielle. So John had been bragging about this drink that Gabrielle had invented featuring Genever, has a spiced simple syrup along with the spiced pear gelee garnish. So i asked for one of those (though he didn't know the name-- and i still don't). The drink was amazing. Delicate texture, rich complexity, lingering sapor and not to sweet just the way i like my drinks. All fear cast aside i was informed that it was happy hour AND THE DRINKS WERE 1/2 OFF so with a new sense of confidence we order without compunction. Every drink Gabrielle brought us (we were sharing so that was around 8 or 9 drinks) was not only good, but GREAT!
It doesn't end here folks because then here comes Stacy, another bartender at CP's. So i thought "why not" so i ordered one from her. After inquiring as to what 'kind' of drink i would like, she improvised me one and frankly it was perfect. If they have other bartenders at CP's i would have to assume they are of this caliber, so i could recommend going in there any time of day or night for a drink, but you should not miss that Happy Hour(*Every day from 4:00-7:00pm and again from 10:00pm to midnight- oh yeah). Great time, good drink with friends and i learned a valuable lesson--don't judge a bar by it's location or how pretty it is. It is the drinks that matter.
Thank you so much Gabrielle and Stacey.

On the way out we ran into the Bar Manager Eryck Chairez. We had met before at another venue that he had previously managed so i wanted to tell how awesome the experience was. We started chatting about friends from the other place, world event, etc., and suddenly an idea for fund-raising for Haiti came into existence.

Well the day is set, so mark your calender: February 22nd, from 7-10PM. There will be great drinks (6 dollars cash), a mixology competition, raffles and a representitive from the Red Cross to take all the money made that night.
We are still hammering out some detail and i think this deserves it's own post so stay tuned for more info!

**** Update: i found out the name of the drink that Gabrielle served me, it was a New Amsterdam and it is now on the Menu @CP's go try it and see for yourself how delicious it is!