Thursday, January 21, 2010

Corzo Tequila dinner at SOL Cocina

Well last night i was fortunate enough to go to the Corzo Tequila dinner at Sol Cucina. Let me start off by saying what a nice restaurant! Classy, huge dining area, comfy siting arrangements, view of the bay--incredible food, friendly staff definitely check it out if you are in the Newport Beach area.
So let let me get into what we are about here at a drink with forrest. . .. i was there a bit early for the event so i sidled up to the bar and was impressed by all the measuring and fresh juices so i ordered one of my favorite drinks-- a Daiquiri. Only to hear "I'm sorry we don't have a blender, can i make you something else?". i started to explain that a blender is totally unnecessary because Daiquiri's . . . but they were busy and who wants to be that a-hole so i witnessed them making a Margarita and it looked yummy so i ordered one of them to start off with and doggone it it was yummy.
We then went down to get seeted into the secret room for the Corzo dinner and were greeted by more and even tastier Margaritas (these one were made with Corzo Silver) and several snifters of Corzo (the Blanco, Reposado and AƱejo). It had been, unfortunately, quite some time since i had tasted Corzo (tho i have always liked it) so it was really good to go through the entire line again.
The highlight, for me, was the Corzo Brand ambassador Pablo Moix-- animated, articulate, well informed, enthusiastic and one heck of a drink mixer (i thought that it sounded funnier than mixologist. . .).
So summing it up: Great drinks, Great Tequila,Excellent food, friendly service, amazing environment-- i'd say that is what is classically known as a good night.