Friday, January 8, 2010

Cocktail Collaboration . .

So my buddy Arctic Wolf has been forcing me to make cocktails-- and i like it.
See him and i are on a forum (or for-rum as i like to call it) called Ministry of Rum, which i am certain you can surmise is a wonderful place to post about wonderful Rum with wonderful people! Arctic started a blog and began creating beverages to enjoy the spirits he reviewed and i would comment. After this went on a while he asked me about a certain drink (Afternoon delight) and i liked it so much he thought of a 'forrest approved' tag on his site-- which i of course thought was hilarious and a perfect reason to try a bunch of cocktails and correspond with a good buddy.
So collaboration . . . Arctic will send me an idea he has for a review/ cocktail i tell him if i like them, i tell him if i don't (while explaining why so we can adjust), sometimes i just tweak them if that’s all they need and sometime Arctic has a 'Spirit' and a direction but only that; thus we arrive to the cocktail example of our program.

Alpine Meadow 1

1 1/2 Oz Glenfiddich 15
3/4 Oz Gin
3/4 Oz Gran Gala (sub any great orange liqueur)

Stir with ice until chilled,
strain into chilled cocktail glass,
garnish w/ lime zest

So i sent that to Arctic and he did this:

Alpine Meadow 2

1 oz Glenfiddich 15
1/2 oz Tangeray #10 Gin
1/2 oz Triple Sec

Build on one ice cube in a glen cairn glass
Garnish with a small wedge of lime.

The original intention was to shows off the Alpine tones, spices and toffee candy aspects in Glenfiddich 15 and usurp some of the oakiness.
i think this drink does all that without being a detriment to the fine spirit Glenfiddich 15 is. (By the way, i think both versions are excellent, but i do love my cocktail glasses.)

The point of this post is to encourage experimentation, in collaborative friendship and have a drink for goodness sake.