Monday, January 4, 2010

“caffeine, dehydrate and hangover”

Where to begin . . . i love coffee! i worked in the gourmet coffee industry for 10+ years. i am what is classically known as an aficionado-- i know impressive, right.. ;)
So i was having my morning coffee and reading the blogs i follow and i came across the latest at Art of Drink, titled- Does Caffeine Cause Dehydration? No!. Now if you didn't know this already Darcy is a very smart guy and he passionately posted some good info on caffeine, coffee and battling hangovers that i am not going to repeat, so you should go check it out.

A funny thing is i was reading A Mountain of Crushed Ice yesterday and my buddy Tiare was quoting Darcy on this subject and today i am . . . Hilarious.

So what i am going to do is address what they didn't (probably because it is so obvious, but hey-- it should be said..).
If you don't want to be dehydrated--- DRINK WATER!!
If you want to fight off a hangover before it arrives... DRINK WATER!!!

Don't hate on coffee, coffee is wonderfully delicious!
Nothing like a nice 4 Shot Espresso before the evening at your local drinking establishment. Feeling adventurous? have a "Cafe Corretto" (espresso 'corrected' with grappa, or any Italian brandy/ liqueur), a "Café Calva" strong brewed French Roast coffee served with Calvados. . . or a personal favorite- Coffee and rum-- make a strong cup of coffee (how you like it-- i like mine no cream, no sugar-- or as i often say "Strong and Bitter, like i like my woman..") and add rum-- what could be easier...