Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Batavia Arrack

Look at that label-- history!
Batavia Arrack is pot-distilled from molasses that is fermented with Red Javanese Rice on the Island of Java, Indonesia; the fermentation with rice which explains some of the surprising flavors found therein. The nose is intricate: floral tones, dark wood saw dust, herbaceous bay-laurel and dried basil. On the palate it is vibrant and round, filled with flavors moving so quick it is difficult to pick them; there is bread dough, and then basil and Kaffir, and finally roasted saffron and rangpur leaf. With a clean ending that is complex and layered, Batavia Arrack is a dry and exciting base for a drink, or as an superior modifier.

Here is a fun drink:

2 Oz Batavia Arrack
3\4 oz Antioqueño Aguardiente
3 Cardamom pods (crushed fresh, or a pinch of ground cardamom)
1/4 Lemon (squeeze it hard and drop the whole thing into the shaker)
1 Tablespoon of Passion Fruit Syrup

Shake vigorously, double strain into
Old Fashioned Glass with fresh ice