Saturday, December 12, 2009

Twas the Night before last . . .

Twas the Punch Before X-Mas Contest.

Great time was had by all, and by all a good night.

i originally submitted a punch that was cut in the first round (i think it was because they didn't have any of the ingredients to make the punch and try it in its glory, you try it . . ) here is the recipe:

Punch L.A. TRU Flora

[3 Parts] 12 Oz Fresh Lemon Juice (Zest first and put into punch)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fruit Lab Crism (Hibiscus Liqueur)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fruit Lab Theia (Jasmine Liqueur)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Fresh Orange Juice (Zest first and put into punch)
[6 Parts] 24 Oz TRU Gin (i like mine stronger so i'd say [8 Parts] 32 Oz)
[2 Parts] 8 Oz Double Strength Chamomile Tea (4 Bags/ at least 5 Minutes)
[12 Parts] 2 Bottles of Sparkling wine

Mix everything but the Bubbly and chill at least 2 Hours
allowing flavors to marry. . .

Pour into Punch Bowl with frozen berries/fruit (freeze whatever you have into plastic cups packed with fruit and topped with clean water),
At last possible moment add 2 Bottles of Chilled Sparkling Wine

Ladle into a punch cup with a mint sprig In the bottom
Dash Regan's Orange Bitter on top


But since i was cut, i was free to make Chris Bostick's Punch (he could not make it). The glorious bowl was named: Punch You In The Eye, and it was delicious.

The winner of the night was Chuck from looka (the ever gracious and benevolent Chuck has posted the winning recipe with exciting commentary-- read it here...), and
The peoples choice was Zach Patterson from STK...

A great time and everyone's punch was awesome!
The other Punches were created by:

Jason from 320 Main,
Blair (who is Trader Tiki . .) and
Chris Bostick from The Varnish..

And of course there was yummy Kraken Hot Buttered Rum provided by Malo and Kraken-- definitely a great evening and fun times...

Thanks to Rumdood, Malo Catina and Kraken for a fantastic, fun night!

** as i find or get the recipes approved, i will post them!

Another awesome recap from Thirsty In LA-- WITH PICTURES!! Check it out...