Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Aromas on the nose reveal baked agave and minerals that is both fleshy and earthy while bold and pungent. The taste is classic citrus pith, cardamom, white pepper and more minerals with a butter/oil back note. The mouth-feel is big, elegant and classy. It is rich and balanced-- the finish is clean, full and brisk with the slightest touch of sweet agave and bold spices.

This traditional, artisan, small batch tequila is from one of the oldest, royal families of tequila; it is made in one of the most erstwhile distillery's in tequila, utilizing the 'old' methods: slow roasting the agave, stone mill crush and a pot still!

Want to taste history... here is an opportunity knocking at your door.

For more info:

Tequila Fortaleza


Tequila Fortaleza

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