Monday, December 28, 2009

A Scotch Cocktail #3

The third cocktail in this series from a discussion with Chip about Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban was a bit of a lark that turned out to be a really tasty drink... (which when i looked --in preparation of this post-- i found a Bill Orr Cocktail that is kind of close on but i think the Luxardo pushes it into another drink all together so . .
as far as installments, here is the third:

Quinta Morangie Cocktail

2 Oz Quinta Ruban
1/4 Oz Luxardo Maraschino
3/4 – 1 Oz Fresh Orange Juice

Stir w/ cracked ice until chilled, Strain into Cocktail Glass
Garnish with Multiple Strips of Orange zest and a dash of Boker’s Bitters

Also named by Chip (aka Arctic Wolf), i reached out to google translate once again and noticed that Quinta also means 'fifth' (as in the fifth interval in Western music-- which is also called 'the dominant' because it solidly resolves to and from whichever tone it is referring to), and Morangie Translates -Tanquility. So here we can infer a meaning of: "The dominant, or resolution to tarnquility" as a good translation of 'Quinta Morangie'. This drink is fresh, intricate, delicate and well suited as an aperitif cocktail.