Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Exquisite, delicate and luxurious aromas of perfect-clean-well baked agave fill the nose-- so gorgeous-- it is like the agave is still alive and a fresh rain just washed it. On the palate it is bright, fresh and clean, with grapefruit zest, light soft spice, straw and coriander that are wonderfully good. The finish is long and classy, showing agave, delicate spice and virgin American oak--an amazing new tequila!

Goodness what a lovely, lovely tequila. Each and every sip reveal a new and equally subtle/sublime characteristic. This is a classic waiting to be discovered, savored and enjoyed.

The website is absolutely excellent. It shows each step of the process of production, with pictures, and details-- see for yourself: Don Pilar

**This was pulled out of a previous post as an attempt to clean up some of my messes..-f