Thursday, November 26, 2009

St James Cocktail

i was re-reading an old cocktail book and i came across the St James Cocktail . . . Now, i must have made it-- but. . . things do slip.
So i hunted down my Saint James Rhum Agricole to taste again ( before making the cocktail) and all i had was the Hors d'Age . . which frankly is delicious --so good i would 'rarely' use it in a cocktail-saving it for sipping, but my mind was set..

1 1/4 Oz Saint James Rhum
(i used 2 1/4 Oz-- it was the Hor d'Age--i wanted it to lead!)
1 1/4 Oz Orange Juice-Fresh
1/4 Oz Orange Curacao
(i Used Bouchants in one and Grand Gala
in the other and both were magnificent.)
1/4 Oz Gin (Martin Miller Westbourne Strength-- Hellz yeah!)
Shake with ice and strain
Serve in a Chilled cocktail glass
(i also liked it Garnished with a flamed Orange peel and Some bitters
Bokers and Peychauds both were great for totally different reasons.)

This is a great drink- Tasty. Apparently it was invented by Conrad Rosenow who i found very little info on, but hey he made this drink so he is a good dude in my book.