Sunday, November 29, 2009

Root Organic Liqueur

'Art in The Age' ROOT is based on old Root Tea medicinal infusions that date back to the 1700s where settlers learned of the value of these North American herbs from the Native Americans (talk about Thanksgiving! ). Because of the purifying and preservative power of alcohol, it was added to the herbs and then finally . . . a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down. 100% organic neutral grain spirit mixed with roots, herbs, spices, citrus and pure cane sugar-- this stuff is delicious!. The nose is sweet with birch, mint, oily spices and sugarcane honey. Flavors move on your palate bouncing it seems from the Wintergreen, and then with delicate . . . finesse birch, vanilla, citrus, clove and allspice in a bed of clean sweet taste reveal themselves. On the finish everything resolves and finally the smoked tea shines clearest here as does the nutmeg. A masterful achievement and a joy to drink--terrific neat and even better with ice, also amazing used in a great cocktail.