Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ardbeg Corryvreckan

This a review I wrote for Hi-Time about the newest expression of Ardbeg, which is called The Corryvreckan! (the Photo is courtesy of David Layden)

Corryvreckan's nose is provocatively inviting with full-bodied, intense and vigorous aromas that lead with fleshy smoke, straw, dried crab-apple, roasted pecans, candied lemon, golden raisins, dates and caramel prolifically articulating while delicate verbena and fennel waft in the background to create an enticing invocation of scents. These aromas, so tantalizing and full, resolve with deliberation on the palate—they are vital and meditative; these supple flavors are joined by sea salt, dry vegetal tones, vibrant pepper nuance and the peaty-beauty intensifies. The finish lingers blessedly and includes smoke—cured back—bacon, mesquite, camphor with rich honey tones, tree—fruit and roasted oily- nuts to an earthy quiet fade.

Like everything that Ardbeg makes, Corryvreckan is impressive, a welcomed extension to an amazing line up of wonderful whisky— each one exciting, contemplative, and vibrant.

The Corryvreckan takes its name from a famous whirlpool to the north of Islay (one of the world's largest natural whirlpool); the name is derived from the legend of a Norse Prince, who sailed into the whirlpool to express his undying love for a princess before being dragged in. Trapped within only to be rescued by the Goddess guardian of the whirlpool (Cailleach Bheur) who, in turn, falls in love with him; To see a wonderful animated version of the story check out the video clip below (it is awesome!) that was produced by Ardbeg to celebrate the Committee release of Corryvreckan.

There are more shenanigans afoot at Ardbeg . . .