Friday, November 20, 2009

Appleton 30

Only 1,440 bottles of Appleton Estate 30 Year Old were made. . . and i sampled from 2 of them! This rum started as exquisite distillate from Appleton, aged for 8 years-- was blended and then laid down for another 22 years--to emerge as a a masterful achievement in balance and gracious flavors. On the nose there is orchard blossoms, golden apples stewed with maple, cinnamon, ginger, cedar and candied orange zest delicately buttressed by vanilla. The palate is much lighter than i expected from the nosing, but the flavors are intricate iterations of the aroma—presented with flowers, oxidized fruit, dark wood tones, voluptuous baking spices and creamy caramel/vanilla. The finish clings, showing molasses, maple, soft spice and sumptuous oak nuances. This is exquisite rum.