Tuesday, November 10, 2009

320 Main

On Sunday, i went out with a friend (Matt Robold-aka RumDood) to chat about a project that we are working on; there was place both of us had wanted to check out in Seal Beach called 320 Main. So we gathered our significant others and met up in Seal Beach, a block away from the Ocean, in this stylish, classy quaint little Restaurant/Lounge. Honestly, we were hopeful... Matt and i had met Jason at a mixology competition that we had judged a few months prior and the drink he made was wonderful (he has now perfected it and it is on the Cocktail Menu-- it is the 'Scintillator' every judge was amazed at the drink-- pop in and try one!); Jason mentioned 320 and said we should check it out.
A couple months pass and here we are finally trying it out... Holy mole is this place fantastic!
First off-- great ambiance... comfy bar, well-disposed people, nice private booths, quick friendly staff (always smiling means they must like working there!) the only drawback for me ( i know it is only me...) was the TV.
Second-- great service.. we sat down at the bar and as we were making our greetings a glass of water and a drink menu magically appeared-- before i was completely situated-- awesome! Now mind you it was a Sunday night, and it was early (5:30PM) but there was a good crowd (not packed but healthy) already i was feeling good about this place the smells coming out of the kitchen were amazing. 1st Drink was a 'Scintillator' (Like i said...it is a tasty drink) Jason recommended starters--which brings me to--
Third-- The food is incredible! The starters were-- Braised Rolard for the Meat eaters and Mac&Cheese for the Vegetarians (see menu here . . ) both of which were exquisite, delectable and perfectly plated! Even the meat eaters were impressed with the Mac&Cheese-- it is easily the best i have ever had--and (being the one of the Vegi's) i have had a lot! i had a bunch more drinks including The best Mai Tai i have ever had in a bar, a yummy Aviation, a Great Apfel with Beefeater 24, a stunning Bourbon Crusta Made with Hirsch Small batch, another new drink that Jason is working on called 'Bizarro' (which is delicious but he isn't settled on the recipe yet so i wont divulge any details) there were more but the we ordered more appetizers and they were: Eggs Mimosa, Duck Fries, Bruschetta and Mushroom Flat Bread. EVERY THING WAS TERRIFIC! i have no idea how you can make it to an entree (with starters as delectable as this) but we are going to plan our food better next time in an attempt to get to at least one 'Main' course.

There were wondrous drinks, and glorious grub shared by friends in a wonderfully comfortable environment... this place gets my highest recommendation!! it is absolutely top notch; try it for yourself at your earliest convenience.
i didn't have a camera so i stole the pictures from 320Main St, i figured they wouldn't mind....