Thursday, September 10, 2009

Square One Botanical Vodka. . .

So a good buddy got me a bottle of Square One Botanical Vodka (Thanks Joey!). So i have tried it straight (a few times), in drinks as a 'Regular' vodka substitute (with amazing results!) and just messing and making stuff up. . . You know what... it is good. There i said it-- i like it! Starting with their great base vodka they naturally infuse 8 different organic botanicals (rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, coriander, citrus peel, pear and rosemary) resulting in a spirit that is deeply floral, with lingering complexity in the background. It is a beguiling and effulgent mixture of organic fruit, flowers and herbs that is choreographed to demonstrate enamoring aromatics and extend tantalizing flavors. . . It accomplishes that. The downside. . . it is spendy... but so many good things are!
A drink i just made up (and was enough to finally get me to write this review) looks like:

Venus Inferred

2.5 Oz Square One Botanical Vodka
1 Oz Canton Ginger
Stirred and strained into a chilled glass
Express and flame an Orange zest over it
Garnish with a LARGE Spiral Zest of Orange
and 3-4 Dashes of Boker's Bitters...