Monday, September 28, 2009

Mixology Monday-- Dizzy Dairy

The hosts for this round of MxMo are the good folks over at eGullet (led by group manager Chris Amirault), and the topic Chris has chosen is Dizzy Dairy. In his words:

` Any drink using a dairy product is fair game: milk, cream, eggs, butter, cheese, `yogurt, curds, you name it. Given the importance of dairy products in drinks dating `back centuries, there are lots of opportunities for digging through vintage receipts `for a taste of the past, and as always innovation is highly encouraged.

So i had no idea about MXMO this month, i checked early on and there was nada so.... Luckily i read rumdood's blog and he posted his offering....
So anyways, this drink was made up a couple of weeks ago. i had some mini's of Catdaddy, Carolina Moonshine and i was wondering what to do with them-- then my lover asked me for a 'creamy chocolate sort of drink' and i whipped this up... It was a hit. So here is the recipe (makes 2-- of course):
(Creamy Chocolate Catdaddy)

3 1/2 Oz Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine
2 Oz TMD Chocolate Liqueur (or Sub)
3-4 Tbsp of Chocolate Yogurt
depending on how creamy you want your drink-- i used 3)
Stir, dry shake, add ice and shake till chilled
Strain into Chilled Glass,
Garnish with 2 Brandied Cherries
(as symbols of your love)
Add 3-4 Dashes Fee's Aztec Chocolate Bitters

This a tasty little treat-- not nearly as sweet as you'd expect.. The 'nutmeg' (??) from the Catdaddy, and the 'sourness' of the yogurt balance all of the creamy sweet chocolate and make this a delicious, surprisingly balanced drink.
Have a dessert and a cocktail-- at the same time.