Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gran Duque De Alba

Gran Duque De Alba is what i am drinking tonight and here is a write up that i wrote for Hi Time Wine Cellars newsletter:
Gran Duque De Alba is a graceful and magnificent example of Brandy de Jerez. This fabulously balanced 10 year old brandy, is aged in American oak casks that previously held Oloroso Sherry in a closely monitored Solera style. The aromas of honeyed wood, subtle spices, plum and prune will render you contemplative while invoking you to imbibe. The mouth-feel is a relaxed suave texture with complimentary flavors that hint at Brazil nuts, almond milk and ripe fruit that linger to give a foreground for elusive nuances of basil, and soft rosemary drenched in honey. All of these niceties merge homogeneously and patiently disperse into a smooth finish indicative of a truly great brandy.
-- Here is a picture 'as evidence' . . ..
GDDA is amazing-- i love it! i am finishing (have finished) my bottle tonight. When you 'review' stuff it seems 'lame' to gush--- but i LOVE THIS BRANDY! [send me more?].
So how about a drink? and do have an awesome weekend!