Monday, September 14, 2009

Diplomatico Blanco

Well, i just got a bottle of Diplomatico Blanco Rum and my my is it good. Diplamatico is one of the absolute sure bet's in the rum world and the Blanco does not disappoint. The blanco was handcrafted in Venezuela and before gracing my lovely bottle it went through 4 distillations, five filtration (the last one to take the color out of it) and an extensive aging (more than 6 years). i've been trying it straight (in my tasting glass) so here are some observations:

Luscious delectable tropical fruit nuance is tangibly vibrant on the nose, leading with pineapple. coconut, lemon zest (really lemony lemon cake--yum), sultana, quince and vervain that is deeply evocative and highly enjoyable.

Suspended in a silky weighted spirit that is elegantly smooth are flavors as exquisite as the aromas were-- fresh cardamom, clean coriander, citrus blossoms and nonfat lemon yogurt. . so tasty.

An exceptional, debonair demonstration that passes cleanly with traces of fruit, minerals and soft spice calmly and warmly dissipating with daedal finesse.

As recherche as this rum is on its own, i thought i would try it in a drink. . .
So i made up this one:

Berry Nut Diplomat. . .

2 ½ Oz Diplomatico Blanco
i Tsp Blackberry Jam
½ Oz Ferrara Orzata (Orgeat)

Shake with Ice, strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.
Dash of Peychauds--

Then i tried it in an Oldie but goody . .

Blue Boy Cocktail

2 Oz Diplomatico Blanco
1 Oz Sweet Vermouth (used a Bianco-less sweet)
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash orange bitters

Chill with Ice, strain into Chilled Cocktail Glass.

The verdict is..... tasty! Very versatile, wonderfully smooth and extremely good in a 'rum focused' cocktail (a Daiquiri anyone, or perhap a Berry Nuts Diplomat??)