Thursday, September 10, 2009

Boker's Bitters

That is right all you cocktailians--i got some!! Hah! (Thanks again to the smuggler-- that guy is going to cocktail nirvana!)
So first off my good friend shows up at my primary place of employ and finds me in the 'back' tasting area (i had just tasted --- something who knows?? oh yeah more vodka-- Smirnoff Pear and Pineapple-- the Pear. . . well lets just say it misses its potential-- The pineapple is workable-- a little more 'canned' tasting than say Skyy <#1> or Van Gogh<#2>-- but decent if you are looking for that sort of thing..) but back to the case in point .... i got BOKER'S BITTERS!!!
So i wa drinking some water (for obvious reasons...) and my pal shows up with these bitters. . . i couldn't even wait -- after lustfully examining the excellent package (hey we all look-- i am just man enough to admit it!), i cracked the seal and dropped a teaspoon into my tasting glass----wow...The aromas were vibrant, and visceral with darker 'roasted' baking spices, and full bark tones... Now to taste. . the flavors come in glorious waves (which always surprises me how so little fluid can move so far on your palate). Very dark-- first bitter bursts that break forth in articulation revealing dry citrus so dry i am going to say it isn't citrus it is cardamon and then green bitter elements (like the aftertaste of lawn grass. . . but less sweet). All of these composite, complex-- yet tight- flavors rest laying on your palate in a seemingly infinite piquance. Lovely, so i grabbed a bottle of vodka (just plain old vodka-- Ruskova, only because it was handy and i wanted to try the Boker's--as an influence..) and goodness, gracious, land-sakes-alive this stuff is magic... a new drink Brown Vodka-- with a twist-- the catch phrase-- something tasty to do with Vodka... Anyways the aromas---fantastic, flavors-- complicated, lingering, evolved, mix-ability-- AMAZING!
Flash forward... i am at home, working on an article-- all i can think about is making a drink with these nummy bitters... First drink that comes to mind is a Japanese cocktail-- for a couple of reasons... The best reason i wanted to 'try' a Japanese Cocktail with Boker's is. . . well Japanese Cocktails are kind of boring-- not bad, but--nothing to write home about (even when i have used other very nice, high quality bitters--- it's just me i know..). So i make a Japanese Cocktail and it is BY FAR the best i have ever had (which to be fair is also because i used some really nice Orzata, by Ferrana instead of pedestrian Orgeat). So how about another you say.... Don't mind if i do.

Slow Travel. . .
2.5 Oz Cerbois XO Armingnac
1 Oz Tuaca
Stir until well chilled, Strain into glass.
Lemon zest twisted to express the oil (Rub rim of glass)
3-4 Drops Boker's

1.5 Amber Rum (i used Columbus)
2 Teaspoons Passion Fruit Liqueur (i used TMD)
2 Teaspoons Canton Ginger Liqueur
1 Teaspoons Orgeat ( i used Ferrara Orzata)
.75-1 Oz Goslings 151 (or just any Dark Rum)
4-5 Drops of Boker's

Build on Cracked Ice, Garnish with a twisted lemon slice..

So here are some ideas... i should get back to my 'home-work'...

Hey i just realized i should have posted a link to get the bitters--- duh: