Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva

Sometimes i am afraid that i do this blog as a feeble attempt at credibility, frankly that disturbs me.
Anyways i am having a Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva ( my 5th-- go figure) and my lover wanted some coffee so i made a french press and had a cup handed to me-- which i of course drank out of pure instinct-- the combo was fantastic-- Strong coffee and great rum!

Matusalem Gran Reserva is wonderful, with eminent aromas that imply golden raisins and plantains simmered and caramelized in clean molasses (perhaps mincemeat) all rolled up in a crepe along with soft toffee, butter and caramel. The smooth entry is surprisingly light and dry compared to what is expected from the nosing. The flavors begin with candied oily-nuts, or pralines that evolve to include some dried tree fruits (date, cherry, prune), brown spices and black tea notes. The finish is an intricate series of checks and balances with dry spicy oak notes bouncing off of sugary fruit tones that toil luxuriously in a lingering fade.

Give it a try!!!