Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ron Zacapa XO

First off, let me mention that the Ron Zacap XO is not available where i live (Southern California). My sample was arranged for me by a very wonderful friend (previously referred to as 'the smuggler') who was aided by another friend- the Rumelier. Thanks guys, maybe next time Diageo will handle that (or whomever. . )!!

Zacapa XO is a rarified blend of rums aged in an intricate solera styled aging system (explained very well here. . . (this is in 3 Parts and all good), and here.) in a variety of barrels. The aromas begin elaborately and are quite resplendent--clean dried fruit (dates, sultana, fig, raisin, apricot, currant, apple), oaky vanilla, and a splendor of rich spice (allspice, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon), harmonized in a copious back drop of cane syrup or honey. To taste, it is dryer than suspected with a miscellany toasted wood and nut tones, that articulate into oolong or darjeeling on the back palate-- without sacrificing the dried fruit notes; it is, simply stated, recherché. The finish dawdles with dryish intricate wood tannin demonstrating toasty oak, cocoa, roasted nuts, vanilla and delicate spices. This is spendy, but worth it.


The Ron Zacapa XO is now available in California-- we have it at Hi Time!!


Lame excuses...

i swear i will blog more.... i swear.
i have a ton of reviews already done, but i am trying to cogitate a scoring system that sits with my highly obtuse personal 'beliefs'..
That is why i have only been random blogging, but i am getting close...
If anyone has a rating system that they use and you wouldn't mind me picking at it for my own need i would love to see it-- or if you know of one posted online --send me a link (i've read a bunch, but it can't hurt to see them again if i have even seen them..
Also, i have been attempting to conjure a 'style' for this beast and that too has been eluding me-- soo. . . Anyways... How is your day going???

Monday, August 17, 2009

El Ultimo Agave Tequila Blanco

So you know i am in on all the best deals in Spirits-- right... This Blanco is creamy with leading aromas of agave, corriander, citrus pith, layers of clean stone and a mild earthiness. The flavors initially are dry and layered: crisp agave tones buttressed by the stony soil that reared them set in a mildly oily mouth-feel that evolve to include citrus, spice and hints of cocoa. Incredibly balanced, with a hint of bitterness articulating towards earthiness and a finish that is smooth with a slight piquant mineral-rich fade showing citrus resolving to a spicy linger. This blanco is a steal!! Perfect for any get together where quality and quantity both play a part in the equation.

i am having some ... a new drink i made up this evening-- not super balanced or sassy looking, but fun boozing!!! i call it

The Lazy Ass Bastard (The lab for short...)
3 Oz El Ultimo Agave Tequila Blanco
3 or 4 Dashes Regan Orange Bitters
2 or 3 Oz of Grapefruit Soda
and a couple ice cubes....
Build in Double Rocks Glass...

P.S. Don't hate on me because of my super cool Double Rocks Glass (A&W Mini Mug- hell yeah!); and the bottle is a 1.75 that i just opened 3 drinks ago!!>!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole VSOP

Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole VSOP begins as fresh sugar cane, crushed within a few hours into juice (also utilized within a few hours!!) which is fermented with Organic field yeasts from the sugarcane for 24-72 hours, masterfully distilled in a small copper column still, rested, and then aged for over a year in small, new French oak Barrels-- only to be moved into Bourbon Barrels for more than 3 years of additional extensive aging-- the results are amazing. The scents include: baked banana, chocolate milk (yoohoo), grilled pineapple, cryptic spice (so harmonious is meld it invoke formulations rather than specific spices), creamy coconut and nuts with dried tropical fruit. The flavor follows suit but in a more focused manner. It has a medium body, replete with delicate restatements of exotic fruits baked into flaky pastries, crowned with crème anglais with temerarious peppery piquance to keep the palate spirited-- vibrant, reminds me of menthol. It ends with a honeyed, dynamic dalliance that intrigues over and over again. Enjoy neat or in an exceptional drink-- like Rumdood's MaiTai......

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva

Sometimes i am afraid that i do this blog as a feeble attempt at credibility, frankly that disturbs me.
Anyways i am having a Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva ( my 5th-- go figure) and my lover wanted some coffee so i made a french press and had a cup handed to me-- which i of course drank out of pure instinct-- the combo was fantastic-- Strong coffee and great rum!

Matusalem Gran Reserva is wonderful, with eminent aromas that imply golden raisins and plantains simmered and caramelized in clean molasses (perhaps mincemeat) all rolled up in a crepe along with soft toffee, butter and caramel. The smooth entry is surprisingly light and dry compared to what is expected from the nosing. The flavors begin with candied oily-nuts, or pralines that evolve to include some dried tree fruits (date, cherry, prune), brown spices and black tea notes. The finish is an intricate series of checks and balances with dry spicy oak notes bouncing off of sugary fruit tones that toil luxuriously in a lingering fade.

Give it a try!!!