Sunday, July 5, 2009

POM Wonderful . . .

i knew it gang... it is because of you guys, my loyal readers (i call you 'Leaders') the wonderful folks at POM (specifically Janny--Thank you!) sent me a couple bottles of POM Wonderful to evaluate, and possibly use in a drink or 2. i knew it-- free stuff!! All hail the 'Leaders'!! What i neglected to mention to Janny is that i love POM and i have for a long time (didn't want seem sycophantic, and who knows if she knew i liked it already why would she send me some to try?).

First things first, a taste test: i knew already that i loved POM but to be more objective i bought another pomegranate juice (organic, and in the same price range) to do a side by side comparison. Both juices were good, having a nice 'tartness' but the range of palate activity was far superior in POM and the tartness was brighter with more focus. While the other juice, on palate entry, came in darker and the tartness dominated the flavor throughout, POM's palate entry was clean, with a vibrant fruitiness that built into a bright burst of tartness. . . Overall i pick POM.

Now that is out of the way lets make some grenadine. . . Paul Clarke does a fine job researching, and explaining it here . . ., suffice it to say, i use the cold process and i add half again of Pama to preserve it. So the recipe looks like this:
4 Oz Pom, 4 Oz Sugar + a pinch, Shake shake shake and then add 2 Oz Pama.
The result is some of the best Grenadine ever . . Now Let's have a Bacardi Cocktail!

Next i was commissioned to make a batch of my kick ass Sangrita for a Tequila Tasting. So my lovelies i am going to give you the scoop on my current (and best by far) Sangrita Recipe (only make enough to use in a couple of days... it doesn't last):

32 Oz POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice
64 Oz Orange Juice (Fresh is much better)
12 Oz Lemon Juice (Fresh is MANDATORY)
12 Oz Homemade Grenadine
8 Oz Lime Juice (Fresh is MANDATORY)
2 oz Chile Powder
1/2 Oz each of Red Pepper & Black Peppercorn and fresh ground
1/2 Medium sized Onion Chopped, and Salt to taste
This makes a Gallon, divide Recipe by 4 to make a Quart...etc.

What i do is put the chopped Onion and dry spices into the POM and let it sit over night. Then in the morning juice the citrus and filter the solids out of the POM and add the citrus, grenadine and put it back in fridge to marry at least 6 hours. Then serve it chilled!
Jeffrey Morgenthaler does a hell of o job talking about Sangrita here . . .

Next i made some fun and fabulous drinks with my POM. . .

1 3/4 Oz Matusalem Platino
3/4 Oz Orange Curacao
1/2 Oz fresh lemon juice
1 Oz POM Wonderful

Shake until Chilled, Strain into a Chilled Cocktail Glass
Brandied Cherry for garnish

2 Oz Gin
1/2 Oz Bianco Vermouth
1 Oz POM Wonderful
Dash Homemade Grenadine

Shake until Chilled, Strain into a Chilled Cocktail Glass
Garnish with long Lemon Twist.